I am launching a brand new Channel about Monero


The xmr liquidity crisis was a terrible event that put in light the extreme scarcity of Monero for the first time. I believe Monero's potential is second to none and that Monero is going to slowly gain the status of private store of value even if it will take time. Beyond the shady actions of exchanges like Binance I realised that what currently keeps Monero so undervalued is lack of information and visibility. If people understand Monero well they will consider it as a store of value and retrieve their xmr from exchanges. I am afraid this is the only way to fight back, but we will do the necessary!

After thinking deeply about it, I have decided to spread the word about xmr. I will cover everything and make sure Monero gets the light it deserves.

First video is about Monero scalability and DNA data storage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXdgGnm3iBo

Best regards, the storm is coming!

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