The potential for a slight dump after the btc 7th event could be negatively represented in the media

Edit I’m well aware this isn’t a big deal in btc terms. Just hypothetically thinking about how the mainstream media could jump to try and do there fud thing

So really in an ideal world all our 30$ purchases would bump up the free 30$ from the El Salvador government for their citizens to 30.50$, but if there is a dump from people selling they could end up with less free money, say 29$ . Also the El Salvador government has installed btc cash machines so that citizens can change their btc to dollars.

I have this weird felling if there is a dump there might be a small run on the machines and they could run out of cash, and that will be jumped on by the news saying “people are flocking to turn their btc into dollars… but machines run out of cash.” A bad start…

I’m clearly a glass half full, but what are your thoughts?

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