They just don’t get it…

Today a coworker was telling me “hey! did you see the market today? It’s all red! Hope you sold and didn’t lose your mortgage” as he sarcastically laughed.

I had to bite my lip from saying the whole “I’ve been in this since 2016, I bought bitcoin and ethereum for under 1k/100 and haven’t sold, and this is how the ebbs and flows of the market goes”
and instead just went along and said, “damn didn’t see that, there goes my emergency fund! Think you could buy lunch?”

Really starting to realize no one outside of crypto will understand crypto until they start doing crypto. It’s not like the stock market where it has been established as generally a safer medium (which I can argue against that it’s not) to invest your money. So people are more inclined to test it out. I think mass adoption will really be slow for the general public as they will need to rewire their brains to the intricacies of the crypto market and that 20% dips are realy just “another Thursday”

I try my best spreading knowledge on crypto to those around me but everyone looks at it as a taboo topic meant for kids and gamblers.

So moving forward I’m just going to be playing dumb and act like I lost a lot of money so people can sympathize for me and continuously get me free lunch.

All in all, that subway sandwhich my coworker got me was totally worth it 🙂

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