Bitcoin price time-lapse – 6 years in 60 seconds [Animation; Chart]

Bitcoin price time-lapse - 6 years in 60 seconds [Animation; Chart]

I always wondered how the charts looked like, say, 3 years ago, when nothing was known about this year's ATHs. So I decided to make an animated chart exploring this particular idea.

This animated chart displays 1Y worth of BTC price action at any given point in time. By watching this chart you can imagine how people felt back then, and relive the moments.

The chart stops at the last frame for a few seconds, then loops from the start. Like any time-lapse video, the one above too speeds up the real time events (3.5m times faster). I.e., 1 day equals 25 milliseconds.

Data source: Yahoo Finance BTC-USD CSV.

P.S.: Don't worry, if animation doesn't load up immediately. It might take some seconds to load up.

P.S.2.: Viewing from both Android and iOS usually works, but desktop might crop the last 300 frames for some reason.

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