I’m from El Salvador…UPDATE

Hi, I'm the guy who made this post and anwser most of your questions. I want to give everyone a quick update on how things are going.

-There haven't been any protest since september 7. Any kind of debate has gone to social media, people who support the law and those against it.

-The economy is ok, btc law implementation have not affect anything so far, for most people is just another payment method. It's like nothing have happened.

-Chivo app (official wallet) have still many issues, not from servers but the app itself, people are reporting many types of bugs and its funcionality is almost 0. It seems the app wasn´t ready to be released. You're logged out when you open or use the app, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Ligthning network is fine, transactions are instantly. Transactions over the normal btc network takes a while, hours and days. There's a bug (not sure if it's alredy fixed) that sends a different amount of money than what you specify, for example, I wanted to send $20.00 from chivo app to my exodus wallet over btc network, the succes sign appear on chivo app but when looking at my balance again I notice only $2.00 have been sent…more than 3 days have passed and I haven't receive the money in my exodus wallet. On chivo app there is a clock sign next to that transaction, I assume the money is still on the way. This had happened to many users. The delay issue also appears from chivo to bank account transactions. Most stores aren't accepting btc if you're using chivo, you need to use other wallets.

Chivo app information that I know:

—Lightning Network

—Btc invoice address format is P2SH

—Sending money from chivo to other wallets have 0 fees. (Since the sender is the one who pays the fees)

-Chivo ATM's are presenting problems too. Some of them are closed or removed. Don´t really know the exact reason.

-Many stores are waiting for POS systems to be delivered and are not accepting btc.

-For the people who wants to help small local producers by purchasing their products with btc or simply wants to contribute buying a cup of coffee like r/BtcCoffee, I highly suggest to wait a couple of weeks for chivo app to work correctly, only in that way an impact can be made. People doesn't know that a worldwide community wants to support them.

I work in marketing and I may be able to to create a link for those who are interested in supporting small local producers with btc. If someone is thinking of buying houses or land here in my country or at least wants to get some insights about it, I recently made contact with some real state sellers so I can be of help.

Anyways, as I've said before, let's wait a couple of weeks and see how things evolve. Please remember my username so you don't miss any update.

*If you have any questions please look first at my last post where I describe most of what is happening.

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