The CTF hunt has ended! (0.09 xmr was ‘stolen’!)

For the people here following XMR_radio over at twitter you would have noticed some strange tweets containing gibberish the past week.

They where actually encrypted strings (some binary.. some decimal or base64) and if decrypted would have hinted that a CTF hunt was taking place and that you would need to listen in for more clues.

Upon tuning in to xmr radios live stream, you're first thought would be 'ok the music is great.. but what am i waiting for'.. and then on the hour every hour you hear a strange sound and then a voice.. announcing a series of numbers which turn out to be the current Monero blockheight ( but this isn't part of the game (: ).

There was another sound playing randomly once per hour. This is the sound But what do these numbers mean?

47 114 47 122 98 97 114 101 98 (the important thing are the pauses between the numbers)

The previous tracks played page @ live365 even had a 'Follow the white rabbit Neo' album cover for this sound.

So what do these mean? Well, they're also an encoded string, this time in decimal. When decoded they reveal:


What would you have done if you seen that? Well, several viewers during the Monero-Codenames game night ( hosted by u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer ) frantically rushed to that subreddit^ to find this post (after hints where revealed during the event). m0n3r0ph3us appears to have linked us to a pastebin , with a 25 seed phrase and restore height. With 0.09 XMR at stake, you can imagine that a few typos where made… but eventually , u/rottenwheel was able to get the funds and transfer them immediately to a another wallet (not your first time doing this??? ^^) and we where left with nothing! You can restore that wallet yourself if you want, to see the outgoing transaction.

The competition was running for 2-3 days for anyone to come and take it, and there could possibly be more puzzles like this in the future! So please follow xmr_radios twitter and listen in to get a head start on the next one! Fun idea imo!

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