My experience using crypto ATM’s at El Salvador

I wanted to cash out on some of my crypto investment and decided to try out through the crypto ATM's, at the moment there are two type of ATM working in El Salvador: Athena and Chivo. Chivo ATM only works with Chivo wallet, not available in my device yet since the rollout has been very slow and its been reported to have a lot of issues, so my only option was the Athena ATM. There was a huge crowd of people trying to use Chivo wallet at that ATM but it didn't seemed to be working, I completed my selling process at 4:32PM on saturday 11th and confirmed through Binance it was successful however no withdrawal confirmation by 6:30PM so decided to contact Athena customer service.

On sunday 11th, 18 hours later I finally received the withdrawal confirmation however the Athena ATM was offline. I drove to another Athena ATM and tried to use the withdrawal code but it gave me an "Invalid code" error. At the time no reply from customer support from Athena. Thankfully it was just a couple hundred dollars so no much to worry about. What seemed bizarre to me was the people I met while waiting in line, most of them were small business that received payments from customers and had to cash out so they could pay vendors, non of them were successful using chivo.

TL;DR El Salvador seems to be a shit show due to poor planning and is making crypto look bad. Also lost a couple hundred but meh.

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