Fluffy Pony & US govt. talk-talk for “over a month” in US custody

As we know Fluffy Pony spearheaded the Monero project back from 2014 days as a lead maintainer. He knew/knows the in-and-outs of the Monero open source project, how it works, it's goals, it's vision, it's mission, it's principles, and also perhaps, it's (not so discussed) shortcomings. He is a knowledge-house.

This is rather a speculation, but why was he held up in US prison for over a month? No one talks about what happened indoors? What was the need for a small case of $100,000 he was involved in?

We know the NSA is after Monero for terrorist financing & money laundering. Is there something they wanted to get out from him, to help them decode Monero or develop tools that help track Monero better through a backdoor?

What are your thoughts?

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