Have made a personal decision to stop buying or using Chinese goods and services until the government removes the ban on Bitcoin and Crypto. Have also sold my shares in Chinese companies.

300 million global crypto users can impose their own individual economic sanctions if they choose to make a stand.

Bitcoin is the personification and crystallisation of the liberty and freedoms of humanity.

The peaceful exchange of harmless cryptographic code should be a fundamental god given right if its the expressed will of a people.

Yes crypto can't and will not ultimately be stopped.

However any government taking a forceful action to ban it's population from participating in an open and decentralised global network, needs to be sent a clear and united message from the rest of civilization that this beach of human rights will not be tolerated.

Holding or transacting in cryptographic code should never be considered a crime. The real crime is against.humanity when an authoritarian dictatorship attempts to forcefully block humans from participating.in the greatest financial liberation in history.

Bitcoin is proof that every individual counts and when we collaborate and cooperate together we are force to be reckoned.with.

It just takes handful of people with belief to start a revolution and make voices heard and actions felt.

On behalf of the human rights of my fellow global citizens in China… I'm banning myself from funding the government of the People's Republic of China.

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