[Question] about subaddresses

Hey friends 🙂

So I’ve just tried recovering my monero wallet in case I need to recover it one day.

I’ve found that under the „receive“ function you can create a new receiving address, I’ve also found out by restoring it one more time that the addresses created will always be the same (or twice in this case).

Are those the so called subaddresses?

Also say I send x monero to my sub address #1 and then restore my wallet in 2 years.

Will the funds sent to the subaddress automatically be added to my overall balance or do I need to specifically search for funds to my subaddresses?

I’ve only ever used the regular receiving address but I think sub addresses are a cool feature so I’d like to know more about it 🙂

Thanks in advance for your help.

Stay safe and anonymous guys <3

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