Unpopular opinion: Stop giving shit about China’s Bitcoin ban

I see many people get annoyed and mad about China’s Bitcoin ban. But if you feel like you had enough with their bullshit, stop giving attention to them that they don’t deserve.

Like how many times had they ban it? I just lost count, and it doesn’t matter. In 2017 I didn’t give a shit. In 2021 I don’t give a shit. And in years ahead I won’t give a shit. It’s like an annoying bitch ass girlfriend who says she’s gonna break up with you, this time for real; but she had been saying that hundreds of times in the past couple years.

What they say and do does not matter to Bitcoin or Bitcoiners in any way. It’s meaningless and useless. All they can do is prove themselves powerless against Bitcoin. With every attempt that are destined to fail they showcase how strong Bitcoin is. Yes sure, they could send Bitcoin down for couple percents by shaking off some paper hands, and that’s pretty much all they can do. They can’t even stop people in China from stacking sats. Brainwashed cattle are the majority there and they don’t matter, and Bitcoiners there will still find ways around the ban. These policies they address are simply a show they put up for those retarded sheep over there, that’s all.

They’ve banned Google once, Facebook once, Twitter once, but why do they have to ban Bitcoin over and over? Because they can’t and they’re scared, shitting their pants. They’re like a helpless pussycat in front of Bitcoin. Not only them, every single government that are not willing to give up their irresponsible power of printing money is the prey of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is like a 20 gauge shotgun that was designed to kill those regimes, pointing against their forehead, and Bitcoiners have the trigger in their hand. They can’t run away, can’t dodge or stop the bullet, all they can do is try to push the barrel little further so they can live little longer. And it’s only the matter of time till they get their brain blows out.

So if you had enough with their bullshit, stop giving them attention they don’t deserve. Say fuck you by stacking some more sats. If you don’t care, they don’t matter. The more fearless you are, the more fearful they are.

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