GPU Scamming Story

Hey guys, just want to tell you a story about how i got scammed yesterday, in maybe the most elaborate scam ever.

I put my rtx 3060 up for sale on facebook. Someone contacted me and asked to meet at a nearby public place (an asda near both of us). This was a safe place and we met, i brought my brother with me.

He then inspected it, opened his metrobank mobile banking out and 'sent me' £1000 for the GPU. I typed my bank number in on the app so it looked legit. I saw his other transactions and saw the money leave his balance.

I was about to give it to him, but I checked my bank, the money wasn't there. I called HSBC and they said they hadn't received it. I told him to call metro bank and ask if they had it. He entered a number and called them, he put it on speaker and the man on the phone approved that the money had left his account and was 'on the way.'

Hearing this I gave the GPU to him and we walked away knowing we would receive the money within 2 hours BUT low and behold 24 hours later the money was still not there and I realised I had been scammed. I looked for his facebook profile but he had blocked me and I couldn't find any history on him.

This elaborate scam had secured him over 6 GPU's he said, the GPU is valued at aroun £800 in the current market so I have lost that. I am only 16 years old and that was basically half my networth stolen..

I wanted to raise awareness on the issue so until the money has touched down in your bank account. DO NOT hand over the products.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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