Proposals for a Monero Research DAO

I would like to get some input from the community for the formation of a Monero Research DAO. One issue we have is in providing stable income in a non-volatile currency for cryptographic researchers in order to make this a viable pathway for working full or part-time on Monero research. I am personally very interested in funding research for the Seraphis protocol and how to properly fund it in a sustainable manner. My proposal is as follows:

  1. Create a Monero Research DAO with funds secured and managed via governance tokens (with a delegation feature). These governance tokens will not be freely tradable to prevent a malicious entity from taking control of the DAO. They will be able to be delegated though to other users.

  2. It will be managed on L1 Ethereum initially, but eventually transferred to an L2 roll-up once the appropriate infrastructure is in-place to improve accessibility.

  3. It will be funded with DAI (and possibly LUSD or wrapped UST in the future as supporting infrastructure comes online). Payments will be made either using streaming payments for salaried researchers (using methods such as if anonymity not required) or in monthly installments via Aztec protocol (eg. when anonymity required. Initial funding has already secured commitments for an initial 200k DAI of funding. Future funding will be via DAI or XMR in exchange for governance tokens. The view key for the XMR donations will be provided for transparency but all funds will be converted to DAI.

  4. This is strictly for paying stablecoin salaries to MRL researchers and will be separate from the CCS funding system. Also, payment would only be made directly to researchers and not a 3rd party which employs them.

I would be interested in assessing if there would be community support for such a DAO to receive community funding in exchange for governance rights once the initial funding donations are depleted and if there a demand for such a payment arrangement by Monero cryptographic researchers which not currently met by the current CCS system.

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