Full node Question…

Hey All,

I just installed the Monero GUI & will be running a full node to support Monero & learn as much as I can 🙂

The node is on a Mac Mini I'm using as a sort of server. I set macos firewall to stealth as the machine will be up 24/7. I want the node to be able to seed p2p but the firewall obviously blocks incoming connections on Port 18080.

The Mini is connected on mobile network with a stand-alone SIM separate from my personal devices so there's no Gateway to configure currently. So I will need to open the port from within the os.

I found the article below with a how-to on opening specific ports but before attempting I'd like to know is this the best way to proceed with the goal of running a full node on the set up above??

Is there a way to whitelist monerod/Monero GUI on macos to receive incoming connections through the firewall so it's a fully functioning node?


Would really appreciate any feedback!


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