I finally convinced my Salvadoran mom to buy BTC

Well the title explains it all. After a whole year of begging my whole family to buy BTC my mom was finally the first to hop on the wave. My mom was born in El Salvador and eventually came to America where she had me. I’ve been telling her and my family about Bitcoin for a while and all they always said was “it’s a scam” or “you don’t know what your doing.” I told them at this point if it’s survived all it has then it’s not going anywhere and it’s here to stay. After my mom heard the news that El Salvador will use BTC as a legal tender that changed everything. She finally began to ask me a sh!t ton of questions. I told her not to worry and I’ll help her along the way. Last night she finally purchased some BTC! I even sent her some and she got even happier. Shes officially a crypto investor! I know there are people out there who’s family’s still don’t believe in BTC, but keep encouraging them. Don’t give up because this is truly the future. El Salvador is just a stepping stone for what’s to come!

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