Monero my first crypto. (noob)

So I am very new to crypto and seeing as I am a big data privacy advocate and try my best to educate others, Monero was a natural progression for me dipping my toes into the waters of crypto currency. I have a couple questions if some kind fellow would be able to help.

  1. Is it okay for me to post my Monero wallet address? for instance if I did a youtube video and took donations? do you loose any privacy doing this? I made a wallet and watched a bunch of youtube videos on sending and receiving funds.
  2. I will be handling Monero long term and look to invest when i am blessed with the funds. (its been a rough few years) from what this noob reads up on this coin it seems to have a ton of promise. Am I off by this assertion?
  3. what's the most anonymous way to purchase Monero? I don't have any yet but I really would love to be able to call my first crypto Monero.
  4. Is this truly untraceable? I ask because I am no fan of big business tracking purchases for marketing purposes.

PS. Please delete Facebook and its affiliated apps. Get Signal. Delete GMail and use Tutanota. Mullvad is an awesome VPN. If something is free, more often then not, you are the product.

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