Jealous family members

Hey guys. Has anyone experienced something like this?

I’ve been posting for almost 2 years now about bitcoins adoption progress. (On Instagram) I’ve tried to onboard a lot of my followers to Bitcoin, I’m not shilling I feel because Bitcoin has real use case. Also, I don’t think I’m bragging at all, I never post numbers or prices just adoption stories.

As of recently I’ve been feeling odd around my sibling. She’s always making weird comments like “how’s your fake internet money shit going” I laugh it off and just name all the countries adopting Bitcoin (thinking she’s joking). Well today she posted something on her story confirming my suspicions. “My hustle isn’t loud, I don’t do this for pats on the back on the Internet.”

Idk, it broke my heart. My own family isn’t proud of me… I never intended to alienate her… idk… maybe I’m over thinking it.

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