I Said the B Word

I was having dinner with my parents this evening. While we were waiting for our orders to arrive, a mutual acquaintance of my father happened to be at the same restaurant and stopped by our table to chat. During the conversation, he went on about how, in hindsight, he would have invested his money over the last 10 years to hedge against inflation. As soon as I heard him say "hedge against inflation" my ears perked up.

His answer was property (land). He said that he should have been investing more into property to hedge against inflation. Technically, he's not wrong. But immediately after hearing his answer I had to say out loud: "Bitcoin". Everyone chuckled a little bit because somehow Bitcoin is still considered to be fake internet money by most people. I even added "Hey, if you bought some Bitcoin 10 years ago you'd be doing great right now". He even acknowledged that if he had bought bitcoin 10 years ago he would be a billionaire, but they immediately shrugged the topic off and went back to talking about property.

It was a little scary being the guy who talks about bitcoin at the dinner table. But part of me is proud being able to bring it up in a conversation.

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