Yesterday as Bitcoin hits 54k I bought 1 BTC for 10 thousand dollars, and I’m over moon!

Flair: Comedy.

I've been in crypto since December 2017, and I have been learning a lot since then. 2020 didn't start very well as I got rug pulled twice 😭, but I got back up on my feet continued the hard work.

In Sep 2020 at (10k btc) I was waiting for a crash to buy in, but it went all the way up to 64k. Then this year the drop came. 50% drop to 30k and I was getting my cash ready to buy in. My TA said that BTC was going to 5k, so I planned to get in at 5.5k/6k. Since then price has gone up and up and up and I felt terrible having missed an opportunity again; until yesterday.

I am in a couple of Telegrams groups and made a comment in one of them venting my frustration. Soon after, a gent private message me saying that he needed medical treatment and that he needed cash urgently so he will be willing to sell all his BTC (1 BTC) for 10k if I made a bank deposit. First come, first served basis. I couldn't believe it at first but I couldn't pass this opportunity.

This morning he said the Bitcoin was still available so I sent the money this morning to Nigeria and I'm waiting for the BTC deposit into my Metamask!

I'm taking my wife and two kids tonight to a nice restaurant to celebrate!

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