My Blockchain Wallet Got hacked!

Hi there,

Would you please help with my account being hacked?

Last night I noticed that my wallet has been compromised and 0.9 Bitcoin was taken from my account which holds slightly more than 1 Bitcoin. The Bitcoin was taken on 28 September 2021 and the transaction is shown in my dashboard. I had email authentication for login. I received no email from blockchain for any new login. I only accessed my account through my mobile app. My phone is an iPhone 11. I never used my email on my phone to add a security level to my wallet. Just last night I noticed that the Blockchain app was uninstalled from my phone, which I am sure I didn't do so. After installing the app, Blockchain said that my saved credentials (apple saved) is wrong. I input the password that I was using and the password was correct. So it means that my password was not changed. The last time I connected to my account on a browser was more than 1 year ago. I had 3 more wallets connected to this wallet but only this one was compromised.

At the time of the transaction, I am 100% sure that my mobile phone was with me, and I was working from home alone. So the chance of someone taking control of my phone is zero!

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