Why I chose Monero?

I was all about other cryptos (and I still hold some as a form of investment) and had the impression monero was a shady weird crypto which somehow is always involved in black market news. Then, I saw how you can attach your crypto wallets to your twitter account and ETH to ENS and I said why not, I did it. I connected it all and I was so happy, I said wow this is awesome and then it hit me. All of my information is now open. I felt like I took my credit card statement and bank balance and my google location, created a view only password and put all live data on Facebook.

For example 1. My friends know how much I make every month and how much I hodl. 2. My gf knows if I have the money for the expensive vaccume cleaner 3. That dude who is always coming to me with business ideas and investment proposal knows if I am lying sorry I don't have the cash. 4. Which restaurant I go to on Thursday nights. 5. If I bought something in Australia in June. 6. The guy planning to kidnap me knows all the above, that is how much I have, which resturants to find me at etc.

I felt very vulnerable.

And yes I know, I can just use different addresses but keep in mind there is alot of funding being put into blockchain analysis for DATA that is yours and mine. And I thought there should be a better way and dived into private cryptos and looked at what is the best option and after going through alot of different bogus "private blockchains" only one actually fit all my needs and that was monero. I am glad it exists. Makes me believe in a more private better future.

When people start using the crypto like a currency, they'll find their way to monero

Keep up the amazing work developers and those who support it. Much love.

  • People will ask about my DD. For choosing monero over zcash, dash etc (sorry this is not a DD post where I talk about why I don't like dev tax, private by default stuff) – this is my personal opinion. Please always do your personal DD.

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