xmrSale Payment Processor Update & Website (Woocommerce, new UI, Docker)

xmrSale is a new lightweight Monero payment processor with a woocommerce plugin. With xmrSale you can self-host your own Monero accepting store.

Our first update on what we have been working on:

xmrSale is in a working state with a new website xmrsale.org for docs and installation guide (WIP), as well as a demo store to showcase the payment gateway plugin.

We've now got a packaged docker container that includes a Monero node as well as monero-wallet-rpc (networking and packaging was tricky, not a big fan of docker..).

Still testing the docker image in various setups, it's not 100% ready for installation via this method. Just run the python instead and point to your node, it's faster and easier.

I am currently going over the docker networking with someone to vet it before we make it a recommended install method. Once this is complete, I'll look for a VPS that offers a 1-click container installs so basically anyone can start accepting Monero.

xmrSale instant payments are working (zero conf under a threshold), as well as the woocommerce plugin. This week, we aim to rewrite the woocommerce docs and get a demo store online for you all to demo.

We look forward to really improving the user experience with new docs and revised UI (WIP tacking on to milestone 2).

A nice UI, combined with an easy docker install will be great for outreach and onboarding users to accepting Monero. We've got a lot of things in the works coming soon, going to try make the next update more indepth and interesting, feedback welcomed. Really excited, that's all from me. This is my 3rd reddit account, hopefully it too won't get shadowbanned (they really don't like privacy protecting email providers).

Happy to answer any questions, or help with installs or anything!


Edit: Node having some issues at the moment, hopefully the demo runs OK. If not, try self host it!

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