We should not just stay in our own bubble — engage with no-coiners!

There is an article in r/technology that made it to r/all. Bitcoin is largely controlled by a small group of investors and miners, study finds. Now every time bitcoin or crypto is mentioned in another sub it feels like there are no proponents of bitcoin. Even though depending on the geography and the study, around (or up to) 20% of people hold bitcoin or a planning to acquire it.

We are a sub with a few million members and r/cc is a sub with a few million members but as soon as someone cross-posts an article like this, the post is getting downvoted as FUD. While it may be FUD, such crossposts are still relevant: the point is that we need to engage with other communities / no-coiners in order to get heard. It is very frustrating to see what uneducated comments are getting thousands of upvotes on r/technology almost without any crypto enthusiasts trying to give context or educate. We cannot just stay in our own bubble and be our own echo chamber. We need to engage!

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