We have always been divided.

"As a member of a hated minority (crypto anarchists) I'd

rather take my chances on an open market than risk official

discrimination by the state…..Mercifully, the technology we

are developing will allow everyone who cares to to decline to

participate in this coercive allocation of power." [Duncan

Frissell, 1994-09-08]

In his most early and vocal days, Tim May understood that the free market was the pathway to success for crypto. Yet before his death, he began to distance himself as the free market took hold and even made comments saying he despised the terms "HODL" and how meme things have become. He predicted things would have to change and when they did he couldn't feel a connection to it anymore. When I realized this, it occurred to me.

Our hated minority has always been conflicted and we will always be conflicted. The way we use logic to solve problems through consensus has been a our solution for decades already and will continue to be for decades more.

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