Non KYC Exchanges “most trustable”

So I tried kraken, then coinbase then figures my problem would be the same. I use an online bank (Netspend as example but I use green dot) out of necessity as I'm on a blacklist for all standard banks/ICUs. (Long story)

I have a personalized debit card, account number, and routing number and Green Dot Bank is recognized at some places as a workable bank (PayPal)

I want to be able to buy xmr, btc, maybe one or two others but nothing crazy like those moonshot coins. I want to be able to either link my account for cheaper and easier payment of coin and also easily and quickly sell and transfer to bank or card.

Tldr: need a more trustworthy non kyc exchange for cheap purchases and an easy off ramp.

Thanks figured you guys would know.and. /cc is.a.shit show I all.costs.

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