Today Lloyds bank threatened to lock my account (pricks)

Today Lloyds bank threatened to lock my online account if i didnt phone them immediately because i tried to deposit money to my coinbase account. Why does these kind of shit still happen. I thought banks, visa/mastercard are finally starting to adopt crypto.. i guess not, especially not UK banks.

I had to call them, confirm my details to these automated bot then i was put on hold for 30mins waiting for a real person to talk to. Then i had to confirm my details with this person again. She proceeded to “interrogate” me about what was i trying to do, at first i told her im allowed to do whatever i want with my own money and its none of their business but she kept on persisting so i finally told her i was transferring it to my coinbase. Im pretty sure she already knew it was for coinbase anyway but she just wanted to hear it from myself.

As soon as i mentioned coinbase she immediately transferred me to this other person who proceeded to give me a 15 minute lesson about bitcoin and how “unsafe” it is…

After all that they didnt even bother to complete my money transfer so I basically wasted all that time just so they wont lock my account. I dont even know if theyll do this again if i try to transfer again to coinbase.

So im about to close my Lloyds debit and credit accounts but does any UK residents here recommend and crypto friendly banks?

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