Is there any real world use for Monero… I mean let’s say I hold some. What can I do with it.. [A Response]

Someone replied to a post I made with this question (I changed the wording slightly). It is a basic but very valid question. I wrote up a little list in response. Thought I'd share for more visibility. Not pretending this list is authoritative or 100% complete. Feel free to comment with more that I may have left off.

Where can you spend XMR?

You can use your XMR to donate to organizations or projects you support such as:

  • The Tor Project
  • Tails
  • Veracrypt
  • Wikileaks
  • Bailbloc
  • Monero General Fund or Community Crowdfunding System
  • Weblate
  • Monerujo
  • Mastering Monero

You can buy yourself some nice stuff too:

  • Giftcards (including Amazon) using Coincards
  • A nice hotel at your vacation place of choice with Travala
  • Some premium services at Pornhub
  • VPN services from Airvpn, NordVPN and many more
  • Some fresh coffee from Gratuitas (project of MoneroTalk) or SmallTownCoffeeRoasters
  • Monero swag from MoneroMerch
  • All sorts of goodies on r/MoneroMarket (IE I sell stickers, people are offering everything from custom drawings, Monero lights, psychological services, to even recently a motorcycle).

You can also use it to send money to your friends, family or co-workers. Much cheaper than Western Union. More private than cash app or Venmo.

There are many MANY more places you can spend your Monero. These are just a few. I don't endorse all of them, since I haven't used them all, so please do your own research, but many have been discussed here on this subreddit before.

Hopefully many more places will accept XMR in the near future. After all, it was not long ago that people were asking the same thing about BTC.

Also, it is worth mentioning that if you use the Monerujo wallet, you can send anyone or any business/org BTC/LTC/ETH (and other kidns of crypto) using your XMR. It is very handy, but does need a VPN to work in some parts of the world.

Even more merchants can be found here-


Edit: Also worth remembering that Monero is pretty much the exclusive payment method for the darkweb. There is… a lot of stuff you can buy on there and not all of it is illegal lol.

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