“Maybe you need a Monero” – Michael Saylor

Monero is not just sound money, it is the best currency there is. I know every one is disheartened by recent events, but all we need to do is give love to each other, love and societal justice and I know we will prevail.

That's why bad people fear it, they know that not only are fundamentals sound, but that we are a morally superior and enlightened community. They remove it from exchanges and naked short it, sell people paper monero on apps unlike dog tokes and BTC, because that's the only thing they can do prevent central banks from collapsing and big countries from abolishing income tax and dissolving in many free libertarian city states. They know that our love, tolerance and wisdom will make a betters society so they go after the only possible tool to achieve this.

Never forget and never sell your bags ! That's the only way we win ! the only way monero can fail is if we believe it can fail

I love you all

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