Run with Bitcoin. 400 days, 40 countries. No FIAT.

Namaste Bitcoin Family,

My name is Paco, and I am crazy enough to want to travel to 40 countries in 400 days, only with Bitcoin. Bear with me please, here’s why.

I am a self-motivated traveler and I have been couch-surfing for the last 6 years.

In 2007 when I came to India for education, $1=38rs,

and now it’s 2021, $1=76rs.

In 2000 Argentina was $1 = 1Peso,

In 2018 during my travel, it was $1 = 25 Pesos,

2021 the same $1 = 100 Pesos.

You know how the story goes. You guys know it way better than me.

Throughout my journey, over the years I have seen plights of citizens in these hyperinflating regions. Folks, running like crazy every day to make their ends meet.

Recently a friend of mine gave me the book “The Bitcoin Standard” and I have been going down the rabbit hole ever since. Over my study in the last few weeks, it went like a blaze, and I could see how many experiences I had from my past travels were correlated with the plights of the fiat currency world.

I came to believe that “sound money”, that people can take their own custody of, is necessary for a working society, and Bitcoin is a possible way to achieve that. Although I don’t know much about how it works under the hood, I feel at home looking at the ethos and dreams of the Bitcoin community, striving for a bitcoinized world. And I wanna be part of that story.

My past travels and experiences provided me a direct path to achieve that. I have been running around the world since I was 24. I will run again, and this time I will do it with Bitcoin while vlogging my entire journey. I will spend in Bitcoin, I will earn in Bitcoin, I will receive your love in Bitcoin, and I will talk about Bitcoin and try to convince whoever I can to accept Bitcoin from me as a payment.

And most importantly I will come and meet with all you Bitcoiners out there in the world and share the love. No matter where you are, I am gonna find you, and I am gonna hug you.

So come along on this wild ride with me. Support me with donations, arrangements, hosting, or just prayers and kind words.

One day we will meet each other at the dawn of HyperBitcoinization, at the end of our current Fiat Tyranny. Till then keep fighting the good fight.

Why am I doing this?

Mass Awareness & Show the kindness of Humans of Bitcoin around the world through the vlogs that will be shared on my youtube channel. The world is a kind place.

Over and out.

Paco De La, India.

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