Gold and Silver as a Hedge Against Bitcoin….

Before you simply read the title and leave a snarky comment and a downvote, hear me out.

Let me say that I own a lot of bitcoin and precious metals as that is part of my business.

There recently was a post knocking Peter Schiff (once again lol), and one of the comments mentioned Peter's dad Irwin and the legal battles he had (and lost) with the IRS, and how he ultimately suffered and died from mostly untreated cancer during his last incarceration. The poster thought that was funny.

Living through that injustice drove Peter into escaping government control by moving to the tax haven Puerto Rico and creating a bank and a business based on fighting the USD fiat dominance using gold and silver, which were the ONLY options back then and indeed they were and still are a hedge against fiat inflation. So please forgive him if he can't make the leap to comprehending that there is no value in something that cannot be held in the hand, which brings me to to the thesis of my title.

If you are a long-term hodler of bitcoin as I am and think about what bitcoin is, which is cryptographic numbers on an immutable electronic ledger supported ONLY by the energy it takes to hash blocks and verify transactions, and you are honest with yourself you will realize that it is only the combined trust of all bitcoin holders, large and small that keeps bitcoin alive and well. Take away that trust, or take away the energy needed to sustain the blockchain and we have a problem Houston.

The presumption of unlimited energy is the Achilles heel of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. If we reach peak energy or governments manufacture climate change FUD, driving up energy costs and triggering rolling blackouts to "save the planet", etc. crypto will be the first thing to go, the hidden agenda being the elite's fear of losing the dollar denominated world they currently control.

However small, there is a possibility this could happen which is why I hedge with gold, silver, food, water, guns and ammo, etc., in an attempt to keep me and mine as safe as possible in almost any scenario.

I am not suggesting that you sell your BTC to buy gold and silver, but perhaps there is room in your wallet to prepare for other eventualities as we all do in every other area of life such as buy insurance, see doctors and dentists, send our kids to college, etc.

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