I am so close to 1 Btc!

My goal since I’ve started in crypto which admittedly is under a year is to finally own 1 whole bitcoin.

As soon as I turned 18 in July I created a coinbase and Binance account. Poured in all my money and lucky for me july was the bottom. But as bitcoin rose I was just earning more fiat not a greater amount of bitcoin.

Despite all the warnings from leveraging. That’s all I could do to gain an ”edge” to increase my btc amount

I’m at university 5 times a week and don’t have a job so there no more fiat pouring in but honestly please no one use leverage. I’m pretty sure it has decreased my life expectancy by half a century. I got lucky.

Currently I have around £28000 worth of btc so I am past half way but it looks like I’m going to have to leverage again until I reach 1btc. I’ve been liquidated before and nothing felt worse, I’ve made insane gains for my age but I’m never satisfied. If the price tanks god help my soul. If it goes up, me happy. Is anyone else here on a similar journey to owning 1 bitcoin?

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