The average bank ATM fee is now almost $3, or $5 for out-of-network ATMs. Checking account fees are typically over $60 per year. Bitcoin is currently 7 cents per simple on-chain transaction, nearly zero for LN, and self-custody hodling is free.

On-chain from segwit address to segwit address: 111 satoshis, or just a bit over $0.07 at $63,500. LN is anywhere from zero to a few satoshis depending on routing.

Bank ATM fees vary based on your bank and the type of account you have. A 2017 Bankrate report found that that the average cost for withdrawing money from an out-of-network ATM reached a record $4.69 this fall. The average fee ATM operators charge also increased to $2.97.

Monthly maintenance fees average $5.14 in 2021 across all institution types

So whether you spend money or just save it, you're still being charged.

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