Proposal: Reddit karma points to XMR bridge

Monero the best cryptocurrency (money) to hold and use, even if the market doesn't realize the beautiful work behind this project ! I believe that one of the things holding adoption and acknowledgment (mooning) is that its used by bad people, which scares away good people who aren't informed about all the fantastic fundamentals behind XMR and the many use cases beyond the dark web. Just because bad people use it, it just proves its good for us morally normal people. By making a karma XMR bridge, it would incentivize good people with a lot of karma points to gradually outnumber the bad people of the dark net. This would cause organic growth and invite venture capital after social media integration for a better, free and ecofriendly future for humanity. It would make the most noble redditors instant millionaires as well I suppose, and a few bucks to the rest of us as well – but that's just….. karma 😀

The proposal is as follows:

#1 Establishing the Monero (XMR) to Reddit (karma) bridge (MXRKB) task force by funding, enabling establishing of a trusted environment to develop a transparent website with weekly updates, plans, communication and coordination between developers. I propose a fund raiser of 750 XMR via the future taskforce address bellow. In the case the threshold is not reached the fund would be reassigned to a private secure address and added to a new fund to try making the bridge again if I deem the tokenomical and political climate would enables it to do so. Donations from the CCS fund are welcome as well to help further monero adoption and development

#2 Once funding is done and the task force is formed, We would coordinate a proposal to reedit developers for the implementation of preexisting karma points into proof of stake blockchain, it is reasonable to assume that at least initially people with the most karma would be the most entitled to determine which validator to support, keep the bad ones out and good ones in. Depending how they respond to this further notifications would be posted on the MXRKB website. I personally think funding isn't necessary given how many securities (karma) they have.

#3 Propose a fundraising for the CCS to develop the MXRKB while coordinating with the reedit chain (karma) to realize this dream thus enabling a safe environment for redditor and other good people to organically improve monero.

To quote Hindu scripture:

The one who loves all intenselybegins perceiving in all living beingsa part of himself.He becomes a lover of all,a part and parcel of the Universal Joy.He flows with the stream of happiness,and is enriched by each soul.(Yajur Veda)

I hope we will succeed at forming the MXRKB taskforce, I welcome any suggestions and plans which would help development and ideas about implementation. Also I know some of you will be cynical and suggest that this will not work or at best this is good joke, to them I would say look the $34,528,928,859.28 market cap of dodge coin and maybe for once give yourself the chance to imagine a better future, great things start as dreams. And reddit has many users and an established name among smart and ethical people. It has amazing fundamentals and is a diamond begging to shine.

Finally have some fun and relax you earned it. And give some points up (karma) to each other for some awesome premine (sorry for the pun)

MXRKB task force funding


On a side note I see this as a potential for personal growth, to learn on my pervious mistakes, reflect on the good and think about the misguided, to treat people better, to treat the world better – all life, to learn not to judge. To give everyone and every project a chance, to realize people are deep spiritual being a universe of emotions and fight my own intolerance. Maybe I'm just a small soul walking this world alone with the courage to dream big in spite of my insignificance, but maybe other souls who walk, will be brave to dream and maybe one day the world will be a dream.

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