Transaction unconfirmed, not in memory pool

I am trying to make a transfer from a bitcoin core wallet, However it seems to sit there forever and not move. I don’t know much about this however my first thought was that my transaction fee was not set high enough (It was sitting around 4 satoshi per byte) so I bumped up the transaction fee based on information I read that the current going rate for a transaction is about 111 satoshi per byte. However my outbound transaction is still sitting in the wallet showing the following.

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool Date: 14/11/2021 19:52 To: Transfer to Ledger Wallet Debit: -5.30810181 BTC Transaction fee: -0.00069819 BTC Net amount: -5.30880000 BTC Transaction ID: 3ec97677c6aa2f09e6f501b65c573868cd438fdf2c9cd4a8fce32776fca6cf65 Transaction total size: 629 bytes Transaction virtual size: 629 bytes Output index: 0 

Now I understand that it can take some time for these transactions to be picked up, however I thought that by setting my fee at the highest current fee of 111 satoshi per byte I would get picked up quickly, however the transaction has sat not moving for 12 hours.

Any information or assistance would be great as I really have limited knowledge on this stuff

Side note, the wallet has been in cold storage since 2013.

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments

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