Who is in charge?

The more I go down the rabbit hole on cryptocurrencies, the more I like Monero. The fact that it is completely private AND a store of value feels to me like what money should all be about. The government don't know who I am when I spend a dollar and the same should be true about cryptocurrencies.

That said, I'd like to know more about who is behind Monero, how many XMR they have and who decide what are the updates/changes to the protocol. One thing I like A LOT about Bitcoin, even if its privacy is not as good, is the fact that nothing can happen without a huge consensus, and you get the feeling that in 10 years Bitcoin will probably still look like what it is today. I feel that nobody control Bitcoin so in this way it seems to me like it really is censorship-resistant.

Some other cryptos don't look like what cryptos should be at all. Insiders have like 50% of all coins and I feel like they could change the rules whenever they see fit.

How is it working for Monero? Who gets to decide the changes? Who is in charge? Who decide what to do, when to update, etc.? What would prevent anyone or any groupe for doing anything that would be bad for current holders?

Thanks guys

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