Bounty for XMR-ETH atomic swap

u/elizabethereum is working now on a swap protocol. Some months ago u/Crypt0-Bear made a proposal but his development has stalled.

I think that it is very important to get the ETH atomic swap done and from my humble knowledge it is more easy then the XMR-BTC one. Once the ETH swap is working, more EVM compatible chains like BSC should follow.

Imo the end goal is the atomic swap integration in wallets like Cakewallet and Featherwallet.

To push the development forward and give the devs an initiative to finish it, I would like to open a bounty.

What do you guys think? Can someone help to define the technical parameters for such a bounty? Probably it would also be wise to make the bounty in several steps, same as a CCS where the developer gets paid according to milestones.

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