[CCS FUNDED] My proposal to fortify Monero against statistical attack has been fully funded!

It has been three months since I said, "No statisticians? I mean, it should probably be ok….I don't mean to open a bunch of cans of worms" regarding Monero's decoy selection algorithm. As it turns out, it was necessary to open those cans of worms and chow down in order to better protect Monero user privacy.

A lesser community than the Monero Project might have shut down someone who seemingly materialized out of thin air and proposed a major change to a key component of its privacy model. In the end, it all came down to a thorough discussion on the technical merits — exactly the way things should be. (Granted, my research is not guaranteed to be incorporated into the production code base; the results, once available, will be heavily scrutinized by everyone.)

I want to thank in particular u/j-berman, moneromooo, isthmus ( u/mitchellpkt) , u/ArticMine, u/Syksyinen, u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer, SethForPrivacy ( u/fort3hlulz), u/gingeropolous, and UkoeHB for the quality of technical discussion about the decoy selection algorithm and my proposed OSPEAD overhaul of it.

And thank you to everyone who contributed XMR to my proposal. Your return on investment will be improved privacy for all Monero users.

Link to CCS proposal

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