Crypto newbie sharing his story . likely boring

I'm a 35 year old naturalised British medical doctor married to a doctor, have a Morgage , have very little other debt. No dependents and I don't have any addictions. Don't even drink alcohol. I've been reading up and enjoying the comments and posts here so thought I would share my little investment journey. Came from nothing. Went to med school on a scholarship in a 3rd world country. Worked hard. The specte of poverty as omnipresent. We were always a months paycheck away from losing it all. Med school I depended on the charity of my friends. I had good friends and a brain. Worked my way. Became a doctor. Used the fact that there is a GLOBAL shortage of medical professionals and emigrated. Now im financially comfortable. Have a lovely wife who lets me make most financial decisions for us. Our combined post tax take home is around 10k a month (Uk doctors are paid a bit less than our us colleagues ) . In 1 year we will be debt free (other than the Morgage .this is unrelated debt ) . In 2016 I almost bought bitcoin. In 2018 I bought one bit coin on Coinbase. Kept it for 3 weeks bragged to everyone how I will hold it forever .got bored and sold it. God I hate that decision lol. In 2020 discovered trading and invested in the stock market. God that was boring. Safe yes. Exciting or life In 2021 I have sold my stock market investment, emptied my isa and invested in crypto with a 50 50 spread between bitcoins and alt coins. My total crypto investment is hovering around 30k. It's money I would miss but not money I would die without. We are south asian by heritage. Wife owns 30 k in gold that has sentimental value to her. Have tried to convince her to buy bitcoin she says maybe.

I think the future is bright for crypto. Even the ppl in my original home land ppl, who don't speak a lot of English read news or know wht crypto is know that something called bitcoin exists. That's it. I have no questions or advice .i just wanted to share my story Thank you for reading it. Sorry it it was boring

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