Got liquidated and lost $10k

I know you have to take responsibility and deal with it but it feels so shitty I can't even explain it. When it happened I thought I was gonna be sick. Still can't believe it hours later.

I would hear a lot in crypto communities that everyone gets liquidated in futures at one point, I just never though it'd happen to me.

I only started trading futures a month and a half ago. I basically lost $6.5k that I put in, which is pretty much all the savings I had and the profits that I made along with it. All because I didn't use stop losses and the positions just kept falling. I also should have never opened more than 10 positions. I had about 14.

I was doing pretty well too upto this point. Since I am apart of some signals chats I had made decent money trading 20x lev, about $200-$400 per day in profit. I would also exit losing positions quick – but this flash crash caught me off guard. All my positions were losing positions and I didn't want to realize losses.

I wanted to share this here, maybe some of you could give me advice about anything at this point, don't know who to talk to about it. I know I can succeed with futures but I don't even know where I go from here since I'm unemployed too. Its really taking a toll on my mental.

Anyway thanks for reading. Any comment would be much appreciated.

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