ip blocking and wallet questions

Hello everyone
i have some questions

1) can i block range of ip in the daemon/node ?and how?

2) can i block range of ip in my p2pool so those 10 connection does not has one of those range?and how?
3) in our normal credit or debit card we can pay and the card do the magic for handling the exchange rate in case if we buy from other country is there wallet that can do that so it has monero and based on the payment option available it can pay with monero or with certain currency and also it able to create temporary id/address or what ever you want to call it and the payment happen using that temporary id (some bank allow to have a temp card that you use to pay online and you charge it with whatever amount you like so in case if it hacked then only those amount be stollen) or this idea is bad from the privacy point of view
4) could you share the link to the bonus to the p2pool

thanks for your time and have a nice day 🙂

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