You guys have actually shocked me.

Been in crypto since 2016 and I get what it's like to see your portfolio dip overnight but come on 9.5%?

Mike Tyson – "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."

I know you lot have plans to sell around $90k perhaps and you tell yourself "oh if it dips I'll buy it", but will you? If it drops 60% in 4 hours are you actually buying that dip? Are you actually going to hold a bag worth 40% of what it was last night? Most new investors wont but the answer needs to be yes!! Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

I'm seeing posts of people slamming Plan B's model and cursing him out. Youre clearly investing solely off his predictions if you feel the need to curse him out and start crying over a 9.5% dip over a 2 day period. He hasn't even be proven wrong yet haha. Here's a tip, next time you make an investment, do your own TA. Chill the fuck out.

Secondly, TA isn't bullshit just because it didn't work in your favour. TA is your best friend when it's right 70% of the time but when we get a dip it's "bullshit"? No. If that's how you feel about TA you're clearly new to investing and shouldn't even be concerned with the short term outlook of Bitcoin anyway because you shouldn't be trading it, you should just be learning about it and holding. Chill the fuck out.

Thirdly, the way some of you are posting made me think we dropped 50-60% haha, I open up my trading view app this morning and get the ruler out and boom 9.5% over a 2 days period. There's nothing to worry about, I promise you this, when you begin to put fundamentals above the short term price, you'll love seeing a 10% dip!!! Just DCA into the market, and if you just bought a fat lump sum of Bitcoin and now you're getting paranoid, just lower your average cost by buying at these lower prices. Chill the fuck out.

Finally, if you ask yourself "if Bitcoin drops 60% in 4 hours, will I hold? Will I buy more? Or will I sell?" If your answer is yes to the latter then you should seriously invest more TIME into EDUCATING yourself because investing in yourself could save yourself from being one of many many uneducated investors who buys high and sells low and never re-enters the market because of it. 60% dips are a blessing, there's nothing I think about more than "I should have bought more at $35k". Chill the fuck out.

The first thing you should learn before investing in anything is self control in the event of a crash, we haven't even had one yet and you lot are losing your minds. Chill the fuck out.

Don't trip, buy the dip

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