Bitcoin is keeping my family together

I live abroad with my wife and child. I can't travel back to my home country because I'd be unable to leave due to travel restrictions. My wife and child have different passports than me so they wouldn't be able to join me if I went back.

If my bank ever closes my account or requires me to be in-person I may have to choose between losing banking access & not seeing my family for a long time. My young child would have to grow up without a dad.

Governments and banks won't give a shit if my family gets torn apart. I don't trust them to do the right thing with my money or look out for my family.

I work remotely and get paid in Bitcoin. It provides my family with tremendous financial security despite the price volatility.

People who say Bitcoin doesn't solve any real-world problems don't understand that there are people in situations similar to, or even worse than mine. If you look past your first-world traditional-lifestyle bubble, Bitcoin absolutely solves problems for many.

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