Christmas Hardware Wallet Nov 2021 pricelist

Here's the Nov 2021 USD price list for the list of hardware wallets on Bitcoin Wiki. The order and inclusion simply mirrors the order and inclusion of the wiki. If you want one added or removed, change the Wiki


"Hardware" Wallet Price
Trezor-One $63
KeepKey $49
Opendime 3-pack $49
Coldcard $129
CoolWallet S $99
CoolWallet Pro $149
BlochsTech $23
BitLox $148
Ledger Nano S $59
Ledger Nano X $119
Prokey $69
Secalot $57
Trezor-T $221
D'Cent Card $23
D'Cent Biometric $119
Bitbox $135

Please post if you know of new pricing data and I'll update.

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