For those that have been involved for ~ 10 years, what has surprised you most about the development of bitcoin?

Hi all. I've been involved with bitcoin since 2013. While I was not involved for extended periods of time, it is something I have always been deeply passionate about. In 2014-2015, I was convinced bitcoin was going to be the future of currency. I had no interest in getting rich off of it and simply wanted to be a part of something that intrigued me. I have not posted on this subreddit since approx. 2015. At the time I believed bitcoin/blockchain tech was going to be as revolutionary as the internet. Through the years a few things have surprised me.

– In my eyes, bitcoin would not have made it past 2015 without a hard fork, I still cannot comprehend that bitcoin is able to function (although not without flaws) in todays world with the volume we are seeing.

– The publics perception of bitcoin as an inflationary hedge and genuine store of value

– The continued praise of Satoshi and his vision, I believe bitcoin has mostly stayed true to its core values

– I am astounded by the continued denial of cryptocurrencies as an asset class by institutions. Through reports I have read, institutions are only getting involved due to client demand, I firmly believe this is a failure on their end.

Overall, I cannot put into words how bitcoin has reshaped my vision of the world, and the revolution it has introduced to finance is nothing short of incredible. I'd love to hear others experiences over the years.

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