Got censored from /r/BitcoinBeginners/ for asking about privacy

I'm still a newbie trying to understand how Bitcoin or Monero works. Basically, I've read from numerous Bitcoiners that Bitcoin can be as anonymous as other altcoins (presuming Monero here). So I asked an honest question, and yet they censored me and locked down the thread.

Why are Bitcoiners against Free Speech?

And, more to the point, maybe it is because Bitcoin with Coinjoiner isn't totally anonymous, vs Monero 100% anonymity?

It really sucks. I thought Bitcoin was about freedom…

Still on my journey trying to decide which coin is the better for network effect and privacy, but if the Bitcoin community is so closed-minded, it doesn't look good. If only Monero could get more traction. I've never been censored here.

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