roast my monero project

think a non-custodial monero version of craigslist, fiver, etsy, gofundme, gumroad in one. basically creating a hub for people who/to accept monero in different ways for different things.

you would hand over a public key and its view key, create a 'listing' or even a whole shop of them, the listing can be somewhat tailored to your needs (physical item seller needs an address, ebook seller needs nothing from the customer but needs to upload a file). buyer pays, gets the ebook, you get notified. keys wouldnt be necessary for a craigslist-style house sale where you would do the payment in person, probably without the website.

i'm at the point where i need to know if there's something stupid in the foundations of this i'm not seeing before i continue. i made a demo: it works for other users too and seems to scale fine, but i dont want to have to deal with people actually using it yet.

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