Why Is “XMR withdrawal suspended” on Binance (UK here) – Any tips

So I deposited Fiat and got some more XMR… I then went to withdraw it to a wallet only to find

"What Can I Do When Withdrawal Is Suspended?

Here are some of the reasons why withdrawals is suspended:

1. Wallet is under maintenance

When the Wallet is under maintenance, withdrawals will be temporarily suspended. Please stay tuned to our announcements for updates.

2. There is a problem with the asset you wish to withdraw

Due to network upgrades or other reasons, withdrawals of an asset might be temporarily suspended. You will see an estimated recovery time and the reasons for the suspension.

You can click [Set Reminder] to receive notifications for system updates."

I've set a reminder, but I am quite annoyed, this has never happened to me before and my account is in good standing.

Anyone else

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