Cryptocurrency company executive jailed for stealing 6000 bitcoins from joint accounts

An executive of South Korea's first Bosecoin company to conduct an ICO was sentenced to jail for stealing a large amount of Bitcoin (BTC) stored by the company. The third court of the Supreme Court confirmed on the 19th that the lower court was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison on the appeal of the senior executives with a probation of 3 years. Mr. A was accused of failing to return the 6,000 bitcoins (worth approximately 19.7 billion won) that he and his colleagues held in 2017 to his account in the name of participating in the event. Around May 2017, the company raised a total of 6,902 BTC from global investors through an ICO (virtual currency public offering) for the first time in South Korea. Decided to store the collected bitcoins in the multi-signature accounts of three colleagues including Mr.😂

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