Kraken UK Monero users, we welcome you to Cake Wallet

Hi Kraken UK Monero users!

Cake Wallet on iOS and Android has been one of the most popular ways to acquire, hold, send, and receive Monero. Some great features are:

  • All wallets in Cake are non-custodial, you control your own keys and they never leave your device.
  • The built-in exchange (powered by our partner Changenow) allows you to trade in and out of Monero with a multitude of coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, and a few others. This exchange is not paper trading like on Kraken or Binance – you are trading directly in and out of your non-custodial wallet with your main address or subaddresses.
  • Buy BTC and LTC using credit/debit cards to convert to XMR. (Direct buy of XMR coming soon in some jurisdictions). We also have BTC and LTC wallets in Cake.
  • Create many XMR wallets or restore your own wallet from GUI or other places! Wallets on Cake are generated using the standard Monero code so they are compatible everywhere.
  • Support of accounts and subaddresses
  • Connect to a node of your choice or add your own node!
  • Back-up your wallet for easy recovery
  • Send using Open-Alias and Unstoppable domains (soon Yats, ENS, and more)
  • Address Book
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple fiat currencies for displaying your balance
  • Multiple color themes

If you need any help, we are always around – 24 hours a day!

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