PSA: still supports (UK) GBP Deposits & Withdrawals + XMR Trading

The announcement that Kraken UK will stop allowing XMR trading from Nov 26 may come as a blow to those in the UK who relied on it as a fiat on-ramp + off-ramp.

However, it's worth noting that currently offers XMR trading and allows the deposits and withdrawals of GBP.

Specifically, these are the costs/methods:

Things to acknowledge:

  • Yes, deposits and withdrawals are more expensive than Kraken offered
  • Binance may not be everyone's favorite exchange, and for some the idea of KYC Monero is a non-starter – however it's useful to know what options continue to exist for UK users.
  • Unclear how long this will last, as Binance has a lot of issues dealing with regulators, but it exists for now

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